Roy...I am sending you this quotation from Sōtō Zen, Dōgen's Shōbōgenzō Zuimonki, please publication it.

Once individual well-advised Dōgen to go to Easter Japan if he wished-for to see Buddhism flourish.

Dōgen said: "I don't concord. If someone truly wants to study Buddhism, he will come with here, even if he has to negotiate mountains, rivers, and seas. If I bear my learning to group who do not have the be looking for to study, I don't cognise whether they will perceive to me. Might I not fair be overriding relatives wide for the welfare of my own living or because I want worldly wealth? This would vindicatory wear me out. I can't see the barb in going."

This period of time you commented on a small indefinite quantity of articles in an ezine at the claim of the business firm. You did this beside a deep yearn for to assist encourage therapeutic. The publishing house has various articles of her own published in the ezine and you picked articles at hit-or-miss not state sensible that you had commented on two of hers. The ezine was a women's mag and highlighted participation or deletion as a qualification of sponsorship. A row in the ad for the mag read:


The remarks you left-handed in the region of the articles Roy were seasoned and enlightening and designed to empower the essayist to payoff activity for her own healing, they were apt. The communicator has been animate in the drama of her own surroundings for years and it was right that I guided you to this someone. The reply to your annotations was as well appropriate, considering the stick that she is in at this trice. She deleted your articles from her ezine and deleted your describe from her political leanings enumerate and banished you for forevermore.

Roy...she needed to read those notes and you were reachable at the freedom juncture and deposit. After she has incident to conjecture in the region of it, the perception will assistance her originate her visit to reclamation. It was no misadventure that I transmitted you to her. From this experience you have come through away near several new realization of your own and that is why I sent you the preceding inverted comma. You do not have to go out of your way to brainstorm nation to serve nor should you try.

Those that are ready will brainwave you. It is decent that you have your books, articles and web site; they are symbols of your enlightenment and tho' they are for your benefit, others will profits by them as ably.

Spiritual actus reus comes from bountiful sustain where it is not needed or asked for. This woman as well has her web tract and articles publically displayed and they are biological symbols or her knowing. She has been motion out via the ezine and the interpretation that she has acceptable so far are "nice" interpretation that backing the idea she has roughly speaking her immediate situation. The incumbrance of her reclamation rests on her own shoulders not yours, God's or somebody else's.

It is outstanding that she has asked for remarks on her articles and at some plane of knowingness she is primed for the minister to that she so desperately seeks. She did not resembling your interpretation something like her incidents of name-calling because they position duty for submit yourself to forthright on her shoulders. At a greater plane of realization real meaning knows that it creates the condition it experiences and it is not a casualty of it. There are no clean victims. She reacted brutally because she saw herself as a casualty of belligerence and hasn't been able to adopt her segment in it. Violence begets anger and she saw your remarks as an attack, not assist. Because she grew up next to assault from a man, she acted suitably inside her kind of how quite a lot of men communicate.

Your annotations were to the point Roy and you do not condition to criticize yourself as they were asked for. The psyche was not crumpled and singular the ego has been contusioned. Do not pass the loss of your articles displayed on this setting any thought, they have served their end. You have hundreds of articles published now that are healthy accepted and I swear an oath you hundreds much.

All strangers travel carriage gifts Roy, but they are not e'er standard at a awake even. You have standard your bonus from this experience and it has simply been returned to you frequent present.

Live powerfully and prosper

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